Event Dance Entertainment Service – BollyNaach provides event dance entertainment for Corporate events, Holiday Parties, Weddings, and other special events.  Our performances are mix of Bollywood Dance snippets including various styles like Bhangra, Garba, Main-stream Bollywood, Semi-Classical, Modern, Belly Dance, and more!  We add liveliness, rich culture, and elegance to events with our vibrant costumes & Jewelry.  We also engage guests for crowd dance lessons upon request.   Our reviews are excellent from all our corporate and other clients.  Please email us at [email protected] with your event date, venue location, approximate timing and any other requirements and we will get back to you with availability and estimated pricing. 

Private Dance Lessons (online or in-person at our studios) - Group, Duet, or Individual Dance Private Lessons.  We provide choreography and private lessons to prepare you for dance performances at your special events or competition.  Typically, about 45 seconds to 1-min of song choreography is learned in an hour lesson.  So if the plan is to learn a 3-minute dance piece, it will require about 3 or 4 hour long lessons.  Private lessons are focused on teaching choreography and a video of steps is taken during the lesson for reference and practice.  Fees for private lessons vary depending on the number of people and other requirements.  Please call or email us to discuss requirements and price estimate.

Kids Birthday Party Hosting – BollyNaach offers Bollywood themed parties for kids at their studios. Parties can include dance activity/lesson during the party. We can also include movie on big projection screen in our Fremont Studio. We are happy to customize the package as it fits your needs. Please call us for pricing and other details.   

Studio Rental - Rent our dance studio in either Fremont or Pleasanton to host your dance or fitness classes, meetings, gatherings, etc.  Both studios have state of the art sprung wood floors, sound/speaker system, full length mirrors, high ceiling.  Our Fremont studio also has a projector & screen.  Studio Rental pricing varies based on timing, usage type, and frequency. Pricing is lowest on weekdays before 5pm and peak timing is weekdays between 5pm-9pm and weekends between 8am-8pm.  If you plan to rent for running classes or business gatherings, you must show proof of liability insurance.  Please call or email us for details.

Call or Email us for details, discuss requirements, and get estimates.

Email:  [email protected]                  WhatsApp/Call/Text:  1-844-442-6559