Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Please read for general information


Do you offer Trial Class?

Yes, you may do a drop-in class and pay for just the 1 class or sign up for the season.

Can I join Classes after the batch or season has started?

Yes, we accept students most times and fees are prorated accordingly.  

Is there a student performance?

Yes, there are student performances every season (every 8-12 weeks).  Performances include formal recitals at Theatre/Stage as well as community events celebrating Indian holidays and cultural events.  Student performances are highly encouraged but not required.

Can I just drop-in or walk-in to a class?

We welcome students at all times however we do REQUIRE online enrollment and sometimes calling first before attending the first class with us.  This allows us to coordinate any updates or changes to class schedules and to notify the instructor where needed.

Do you prorate fees if I join after the start date of the class?

Yes, we allow prorated fees.  If only a couple of classes are missed and there is option to make-up the classes, then we encourage student to make-up the classes.