Studio Rentals

Dance & Fitness Classes, Kids Classes, Learning Pods, Photography, Videography, Birthday Parties & more!

Rent our Studios in either Pleasanton or Fremont.  Both studios are state of the art with sprung wood floors, full wall mirror, music/sound speaker system (JBL), TV monitor for online meetings, Projector & screen (Fremont only), Restroom, some bench seating, and WiFi available. 

Fremont Studio offers 1600 Sq. ft. of dance floor.
Pleasanton Studio offers 1000 Sq. ft. of dance floor.

Studios can be rented for Dance, Fitness, Yoga, and other activity classes as well as other teaching classes (learning pods).  Studios are also great rental for photography and videography projects.  Also offer studio rentals for personal events such as birthday parties and social nights.  Contact us for additional information or requirements for your studio rental.  

Studio rental rates vary based on length, timing, and purpose of rental.  Standard recurring rental rates are as follows (refundable security deposit required):

     Peak Time (M-F 4pm-8pm, Sat/Sun):  $70-$90 per hour 

     Off-Peak Time (M-F 6am-4pm or after 9pm):  $45-$65 per hour 

One-time rental rates are higher and depend on type of usage and other factors.  For recurring rentals, rate is determined within above range depending on number of hours and length of rental agreement. Discounts for longer term rentals and higher number of rental hours.  

If you are renting studio to conduct classes, you will be required to show proof of liability insurance.  Renters are required to put in a security deposit that is refundable in case of any damages or clean-up fees.  

Please send us an email at [email protected] to inquire about studio availability for your desired dates and times and any other questions.  You can also reach us via Text/SMS or WhatsApp message to 1-844-442-6559.